The Equinox Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive, pain and stress-free Meibomian Gland & Dry Eye Treatment for all patients regardless of skin type. No gel is required and both upper and lower lids are treated simultaneously , using direct and indirect Photobiomodulation, during the typical 15-minute application.

Their FDA approved patented technology utilizes ses specially designed LED lights to deliver focused light of a specific color, that targetings the cellular power plants of the cells – the mitochondria, via comfortable wearable mask technology. This photobiomodulation stimulates production of ATP – the energy that powers the cell. Their exclusive Mask technology places the LEDs 5-10mm from the skin, optimizing treatment.

LLLT technology has been used in medicine for over 10 years but only until recently did doctors discover its benefit for the Dry Eye patient, as well as several other eye conditions

Treatment parameters safely managed by on board software. Multiple ophthalmic treatment possibilities. Dermatological treatment option also available.

Available Treatments with LLLT Technology
– Dry Eye / MGD
– Chalazion
– Rosacea
– Demodex
– Blepharitis
– Post Blepharoplasty

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